Global Cuisine Guide to Pantego

The Town of Pantego is brimming with locally-owned restaurants with cuisines from around the globe! Check out a few hot spots below and experts’ recommendations about what you should order on your next visit.

Mexican Favorites

La Isla
With two locations in DFW, La Isla never disappoints! When the weather is nice, the staff open the windows for indoor/outdoor dining.

What to Order: Get the fajita quesadillas or the ceviche and a classic frozen margarita.

2 Compas
Making fresh homemade tortillas daily, you can’t go wrong at 2 Compas! The restaurant has a wide range of authentic Mexican food lovingly made in-house.

What to Order: Try ALL of the tacos and a refreshing agua fresca.

Italian Loves

With a full bar, Saljo’s is ready to host your next gathering! Its pizza is well-regarded, but don’t miss out on their delicious pasta dishes!

What to Order: Snag a huge pizza and the penne arrabiata.

Vito’s Italian Eatery
Whether you’re ordering delivery from Uber Eats or looking to dine-in, Vito’s always delivers tasty Italian classics like Alfredo and Pomodoro.

What to Order: Feast on the Stromboli or Manicotti- they’re delish.

Taiwanese & Chinese Hits

My Boba Shop
Recently opened, this new shop has an Insta-worthy photo wall to go along with its great milk teas, fruit teas and blended drinks.

What to Order: step out of your comfort zone and go for it with a peach mango tea with lychee popping boba.

Jade Café
With a thriving to-go business, Jade Café serves classics like Moo Goo Gai Pan and Kung Pao. The combination fried rice is not to be missed, too!

What to Order: Start with the Bo Bo Platter which is laden with egg rolls, fried shrimp, crab rangoon and sweet and sour chicken.

Mediterranean Standout

Fattoush Mediterranean Kitchen
Award-winning and worth standing in line for, Fattoush offers normal table and chair service, as well as booths where you sit on pillows on the floor!

What to Order: Any day is a great day for Fattoush, but on Saturdays, you may be lucky enough to get the beef shawarma (hint: get there early!).

American Staples

Jr’s Grill Café
For every meal, you can stop in for pancakes, patty melts and pork chops. You can even find a small selection of Mexican plates! The best part? Everything is made fresh daily.

What to Order: The bacon avocado burger is not to be missed!

Jo-Ed’s Bomber
Create your own masterpiece or give the pastrami or the hot meatball sauce sub a try! Here, the subs are packed with fresh accoutrements, and you can get party subs for your gatherings, too!

What to Order: Let your imagination fly free and build your own bomber.

Cajun Corner
Get your Cajun fix with gumbo, etouffee, po boys and fried seafood and catfish Tuesday through Sunday! Feeling adventurous? Get boiled seafood by the pound!

What to Order: you gotta try the seafood gumbo to start your meal off right.

Which restaurant will you be trying soon?